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Steven Higginson

Steven Higginson


Steven Higginson is an award-winning Scottish artist best known for his portraits and urban streetscapes, painted in his distinctive hyperrealist style. He works from his home studio in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, in the northeast of Scotland.


Steven takes his inspiration from the faces and places of his everyday interactions, often those that may otherwise be overlooked. Strong cast shadows are a signature element of his work, with the use of light and dark cultivating atmosphere and intrigue.


A long-held fascination with the work of the Old Masters is very much evident in Steven's work, though this is balanced with his over-arching aim of making art that is relevant to contemporary life.



Steven’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK and beyond, and has private collectors across the world. His paintings have been selected twice for the prestigious BP Portrait award at the National Portrait Gallery in London, and have also been shortlisted for the Scottish Portrait Awards every year since its conception in 2017.

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