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Shona Harcus

Shona Harcus

Shona Harcus is an abstract expressive painter who balances her full-time art practice with being a mother to two young children. Her work allows her a creative outlet where she can communicate thoughts, feelings and memories onto canvas.

“I process memories of landscape, place and emotions through bold intuitive painting. I’m not interested in painting in a representational way, rather I want to communicate what I felt in that place, give a sense of the elements or show the viewer a different perspective. It’s important to leave a painting open to interpretation. I love to hear when a piece resonates with the viewer, and they find comfort in what they see in the work.

My paintings are an organic, emerging process often discovering things by accident, allowing the paint and mark making to dictate the direction of the painting.  Music plays a huge part in the practice…. this is vital for the energy and mood of the final piece.”

Shona was born and raised in Scotland and studied Fine Art and Contemporary Art Practice through the University of Highlands and Islands. Part of her studies took her to North Uist in the Outer Hebrides which was a transformative experience for her. She currently lives and works in Perthshire, Scotland.

Her paintings are in collections throughout the UK, Canada, USA and Hong Kong.

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