Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett

With global representation, fine artist, Paul Bennett specialises in original landscape and seascape paintings, abstract paintings and also contemporary portraiture paintings. The three styles are very different, but all strive to generate a sense of intimacy and isolation while leaving the subject open to interpretation. The seascape and landscapes paintings are created from memory, rather than referring to photography, resulting in more abstracted and expressive pieces rather than realistic representation. The portraiture has a different angle and the aim is to reinvent the mass produced and give it a more visceral interpretation. All the paintings for sale are original art created using oil paint.



Found in private and public collections worldwide, Paul’s main aim is to create work that is most definitely painted; an antidote to mass produced visuals, which are consumed, almost subconsciously, in our everyday. This is accomplished by using rich textures, multiple layers and mark making. Paul wants his paintings to tease out more than the eye can see, to draw people in and invite them to experience – not just consume – an image.



The seascape and landscape paintings created are inspired by memory and experience and are developed using artistic intuition. They are not tied into any specific region or time, they are an eclectic synthesis of place, weather and season.


Paul chooses to capture and communicate the experience this way as it reflects life with its unceasing process of observing, experiencing, interpreting, storing – and ultimately – reflecting. The result he strives for is a unique and original visual experience that has captured not only the sense of somewhere/sometime, but also the more subtle notion of recollection.


Occasionally Paul refers to photography as a starting point and as a way to engage with the surface and begin the initial mark making process. After this point it is all an abstract interpretation of the memories he has and places he has experienced. This is all brought together with constant experimentation. The paintings are continuously evolving with the process directly influencing the next work.


Oil paint is the medium that plays a big part in capturing the essence of a faded memory and lends itself nicely to the way he paints. It works well when applied thickly yet can create great depth when worked into the surface sparingly, leaving previous layers partially exposed. The paint is applied in this way to give the artwork itself a narrative and history, where the process of its creation can be glimpsed at in places – not dissimilar to the way in which the memory deals with the hazy recollection of a place once visited.

Born 1975, In Buckinghamshire, just on the outskirts of London.

After graduating in 2001 and gaining a BA Honours in Fine Art Painting, I fell into Graphic Design and worked mostly for the finance sector in the City of London – St. Paul’s and Moorgate. After years of creating at a desk and in front of a computer I wanted to head back to the painting studio and found the perfect one, tacked to the side of an old steam museum, in Kew Bridge. It was a great place to rediscover my love of painting – a more tactile way of creating. After a few successful exhibitions and involvement with some great galleries, I became a professional Fine Artist. I original worked on portrait paintings and still create a few every year. It took a couple of years before I started to experiment with trying to capture the sense of place and produce abstract seascapes and landscapes paintings.

After a decade or so painting in London, I was lucky enough to be able to relocate and I now live with my wife and two kids, in Lake District National Park. On some weekends I share my studio with my nine-year-old daughter and five-year-old son, who one day might follow in the footsteps of their dad and also become artists.I now spend my days in the studio, creating semi abstract seascapes and landscapes. When I get the chance, I venture into the lakes, mountains, and coastlines of the North West of England. Scotland is also a great inspiration and luckily, is not too far from me now.