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Laura Lawson

Laura Lawson

Laura Lawson is a prize-winning contemporary British painter and poet who lives on the Northumberland coast in the North East of England.  Embracing her long line of Gaelic roots Laura has dedicated herself to exploring ways to capture the ever shifting powerful elemental feel that comes with the extremities of Northern coastal living in her painting. As a child she spent many days and hours exploring the coastline, developing a powerful and direct relationship with the surrounding cold waters and the remote terrain that intercepts it. This grew her interest in how the land and water around us is in constant flux, ever moving and shifting and subsequently us with it.  Capturing the intangible in her paintings has become a lifelong commitment.


“I go to a place and immerse myself physically, often leaving with nothing more than the visual memory to paint from.  That is where the painting’s journey begins.  My paintings can take months sometimes years to fully form coming back to them time and time again.  The process and paint are layers upon layers they are an unravelling as well as a piecing together.  Worlds within worlds telling stories and memories. As humans we are constantly seeking connections with everything and everyone around us, we leave our mark on the land whether consciously or not. The juxtaposition of power and tranquility in nature mirrors the complexities of being human and our relationship to everything around us”

-Laura Lawson

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