Karl Stern


Karl is Edinburgh born of Scottish/German heritage, now living by the sea in Joppa, Edinburgh. A father of two and a grandfather, Stern is a collector of mainly Scottish art. Karl generally travels to be inspired and make work, with residencies in France, Portugal, Iceland, Canada and Finland.

He worked in a wide variety of jobs before retiring from local government some 11 years ago to take up a new identity as an artist.


"I have been working this way for 9 years now since experimenting with Collograph print making.

The work has evolved from collograph making where the printing for me is a secondary outcome. 

I like the painted 'plates' best but the printing process finishes the painted work. I tend to limit myself to an edition of up to 4 variable edition prints but there is only one painting.

The freehand 'drawing' is created using a stanley knife. The cut card (acid free mountboard) is then painted using blonde shellac as a medium for pigments. All colours are a unique blend of pigments. The oil based inking of the image fills all the drawing cuts, putting line back into the painting which is sealed with a final layer of shellac."