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Gill Walton

Gill Walton


Gill is a lifelong, award winning artist and professional member of The Society of Scottish Artists. Her work is mainly contemporary figurative and draws inspiration from classical portraiture. She can bring humanity into her work and layers the paint with emotion and meaning.


“Though I paint people these paintings describe moods, emotions and states of being rather than individuals. Some of them have narrative elements that draw heavily on historical portraiture and manipulate the symbolism of the Baroque to represent contemporary ideas and feminist themes. They also tap into Jungian archetypes and dream worlds.”

After graduating with an honours degree in Sculpture from Cheltenham College of Art in 1989 she has continued to practice art and has exhibited widely.

Breathe Series


During the Pandemic Gill’s work changed significantly to reflect the experiences many of us had of isolation and detachment and of being in a time between times. She describes this in a recent 4x4x4 presentation for the SSA Scottish Borders region and in a Pechakucha presentation for Berwick creative guild. This culminated in March 2021, during a residency at Marchmont House Creative Spaces, into a body of work based on ‘breath’, the holding of breath and hope.


Deep in the second wave of the Pandemic when the vaccine was just beginning to be rolled out Gill began to explore the changing and complex feelings of living in a Pandemic into the Breath drawings. Each drawing has a feeling of being carved from wood, still and rooted to the spot. The breath is rendered in genuine silver leaf which has been recognised since the time of the Black Death as offering protection from plague, it does indeed have anti-microbial properties. The silver breath becomes lungs but also silver wings of hope. As the hope increased the drawings became bigger in scale. They are like modern day icons with references to medieval religious paintings and materials.

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