The new Spring Show at the Heriot Gallery begins 14th April and will include work from some of our gallery artists.

Introducing three new artists

Garry Brander, Cate Inglis and Greer Ralston.

All works are available to view and purchase online with a selection displayed on our walls for you to come in and enjoy.  

Bill Bate  |  Garry Brander  |  Alastair Brown  |  Alex Callaway  |  Ruaridh Crighton  |  Lucy Doyle  |  Peter Hallam  |  Shona Harcus 

Andy Heald  |  Steven Higginson  |  Cate Inglis  |  Chris Jenkinson  |  Kirsty Lorenz  |  John McClenaghen  |  Jonathan Mitchell  

Stuart Moir  |  Greer Ralston  |  Pascale Rentsch  |  Dot Walker  |  Gill Walton