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Craig Jefferson

Craig Jefferson


Craig Jefferson has won numerous awards for his impressive work. He started his art education at Leith school of Art in 2002, eventually graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006.


Originally from Kirkcaldy Scotland, he is now based in Northern Ireland where he paints full-time in his home studio. Throughout his journey as an artist, Craig has always been drawn to the substance of the materials he works with, as such he uses a lavish application of oil paint on his canvases. Craig views his method as a representation of his relationship with what he sees in the world. He observes the world as deep and substantial and somehow strives to describe something of that in his work.


Previously in his portraits, Craig focused on self-portraits. More recently however he has begun painting others. These works tend to focus on his relationship with the sitter. For example, Craig began painting his children following home schooling during the lockdown of 2020. Such work allowed him a deeper understanding of how he saw the children and the connections he had formed with them.

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