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Cherylene Dyer

Cherylene Dyer

Cherylene paints emotions and impressions in a traditional figurative style. Her paintings can be easily described, a woman singing wearing a swim hat, a man surrounded by birds with his head wrapped in cloth, but none the less these paintings have an absurd quality to them in their deviational and juxtaposing ideas.

She creates an intimate and uncomfortable space, to narrate a story untold in full. In this series, concerned with how our public face masks so much information. In this digital age what we choose to reveal, and what we hide intrigues. With so much emphasis on Social Media Likes, we perform for followers, manipulating and enhancing ourselves. There is so much unseen, and it’s the allure of the hidden that inspires her work.

Cherylene creates detailed and accomplished paintings in oil and applies scumble and glaze over the image working up the layers to obscure and manipulate in search of a visual balance. This process can take months, or a relatively short time depending on the emotion determined to convey. But ultimately who we really are, away from the phone constantly in our hands, has her full undivided attention.


About Cherylene Dyer

Born and grew up in Dumfries - in the Scottish Borders. Studied Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art, lives and works in Glasgow.

Her subject matter has always centred around the human form, mysterious and ambiguous. Her work is concerned with emotion and atmosphere which creates her expressive but realistic style. Choosing singers, dancers and actors as models which are evidently reflected in her work.


Prizes and Awards

2016 National Open Art, Turtleton Trust Award 

2015 Paisley Art Institute, the Glasgow Art Club Award

2013 Nominated for Figurativas13, figurative art prize, Barcelona

1999 Royal Glasgow Institute, City of Glasgow award


Selected Exhibitions

Paisley Art Institute, annual exhibition 2017, 2015, 2014

Royal Glasgow Institute, annual exhibition 1999-2016

National Open Art Awards, London 2016

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