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Cate Inglis

Cate Inglis


Cate's work has received numerous prestigious awards. She exhibits regularly with respected galleries in the UK, Ireland and the USA, and shows her work at International art fairs.

A painter and urban explorer based in Scotland, Cate's practice is concerned with the layers and structures of the urban landscape. A key part of her process involves going on-site, to places she perhaps shouldn’t, to explore and record the transient nature of man-made structures and the relentless processes of change upon the built environment.

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, and known for her highly detailed oil paintings of urban subjects, she place an emphasis on draughtsmanship and textural detail. Constantly developing techniques to render the textures of brick, rust and peeling paint, my work takes her to industrial wastelands and derelict buildings, covered in graffiti and falling apart, as time and the elements overtake them.

Cate's paintings have been exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in London and can be found in both private and public collections.

She was awarded professional membership of the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) in 2016

2021 SSA Edinburgh Art Shop Award

2019 SSA Anne Redpath Award

2018 SSA Meffan Gallery Exhibition Prize

2017 PAI James BS Curr Award

2016 RGI City of Glasgow College Purchase Prize

2015 Glasgow Art Club Leiper Fine Art Prize

2015 PAI Art Hire Award

2014 SSA Open Eye Gallery Exhibition Prize

2013 RGI Armour Award

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