Anna Davies

Anna E Davies


Born and raised in North Wales, Anna has been painting for as long as she can remember and since graduating in 1991 has continued to explore her own style. Now based in Nottingham, she takes her artistic inspiration from the people around her in their day-to-day environment. 


Using high quality oils, she works on board so that she can fully exploit the quality of the paint, and, without producing representational portraits, explores the question of what it is to be human.  Distorting the human figure, and paring everything down so as to portray only that which is essential, the paintings can sometimes have a quiet unease about them.

Anna’s paintings will start with collage in the form of dried paint on paper – the excess paint from one work often forming the basis of the next, and so it continues.

Anna continues to paint, motivated by the sheer joy and necessity of so doing. Her work has been exhibited and appreciated in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and across the UK and collected internationally.